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September 2012 Club Competition results

posted Sep 27, 2012, 6:59 AM by Vinie Jones   [ updated Sep 27, 2012, 7:39 AM ]
We had a great turnout at Blatt Beer & Table including a couple new people.  What a cool place!  Along with the great turnout of people, we had a great turnout of beer.  We had 16 beers and two meads between the style and best damn beer competitions.  A couple newcomers fared very well in the style competition taking 2nd and 3rd.  Tom took first place for the style competition and received $45 in gift certificates from Cornhusker Beverage, $25 of which was donated by them.  Thanks again to Blatt Beer & Table and Cornhusker Beverage for a very successful event!

Style Competition

  1.  Bock -- Tom Malowski
  2.  Doppelbock -- Steve Heller
  2.  Bavarian Dunkel -- D.L. Molineu

Best Damn Beer Competition

  1.  APAthetic American Pale Ale -- Todd Partusch
  2.  Bitter Flemish -- Phil Purnell
  3.  Snoopy's Revenge -- Chad Waters

The full results have been posted to the event page.