Yearly membership dues are $24 and are used for public events throughout the year as well as private club events and equipment.  Send us an email if you are interested in joining and ask any questions you may have.  We'll then provide you an email address to send the dues payment to.

I don't homebrew yet, but am very interested in learning the art.

No problem!!  Our monthly club competitions, tastings, and brew days are open to the public.  A lot of the current club members did not brew when they first started coming to meetings, but took the opportunity to pick the brains of those that did as well as help in the brewing process on brew days.  Hands on training is the best right?  We know that once you are bitten by the home-brew bug and are comfortable enough to design and brew your own beers, you'll join up as a paid member!

I do not homebrew, but would love to learn more about craft beer.

You do not need to be a home brewer or beer connoisseur to attend our meetings and competitions.  What you do need to be is interested in learning about craft beer in general.  We are first and foremost a homebrew club, but brewing would be impossible without the knowledge of what makes a beer a beer.  As such; we are now going to start focusing more on education and will start holding events dedicated to craft beer education.

I do homebrew!

Awesome!!  Membership in the Railroaders Brew Club is a measly $60 per year.  A paid membership is not required to attend our meetings or to compete at our club's monthly brewing competitions, but there are many perks that a paid membership will get you.

A few reasons why you should join the Railroaders Brew Club:
  1. You're a home-brewer
  2. You want to learn more about brewing
  3. You want to share your brew
  4. You want to meet and hang out with like-minded people

What are the benefits of becoming a paid member?

  1. A Railroaders Brew Club t-shirt (with $60 yearly membership only)
  2. The chance to win prizes at monthly club competitions
    • Prizes include ingredient kits, brewing equipment, and other beer & bar related items
  3. The opportunity to pour your beer at any beer festival or event that RRBC attends
  4. The respect and admiration of other paid members!

Check the calendar for the date, time, and location of our next event.  See you there!