- Are you interested in finding out what beers the evil geniuses at RRBC will be releasing and where?  Look no further!

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June 1, 2013 - Benson Beer Fest
Lemon/Orange Wheat Saison
     Brewer: Dustin Koppit
4.5% ABV 30 IBU Draft
Toddington's Irish Red
     Brewer: Todd Partusch
4.8% ABV
18 IBU
P^3 Pomegranate Wheat
     Brewer: Patrick Greer
5.0% ABV  15 IBU Draft
Mango Coconut Pale Ale
     Brewer: Kyle Anderson
5.5% ABV  50 IBU Draft

June 7, 2013 - Omaha Beer Fest (Homebrewer Expo)
Big Goblin American Stout
     Brewer: Terry Duke
6.3% ABV40 IBUBottle
French Porter
     Brewer: Phil Purnell
5.5% ABV40 IBUDraft
German American Lager
     Brewer: Phil Purnell
4.5% ABV30 IBUDraft
Liability Lemonade Lemon Wine
     Brewer: Terry Duke
9.4% ABV0 IBUBottle
Piña Picante Pineapple & Jalapeno American Wheat
     Brewer: Vinie Jones
5.1% ABV28 IBUBottle
Reggie's Imperial Stout
     Brewer: Pat Greer
8.5% ABV 75 IBU Draft
Starbright's Glimmering Ale Pale Ale w/ honey
     Brewer: Terry Duke
5.5% ABV20 IBUBottle
Strawberry Blonde Dortmunder Export
     Brewer: Luke Stevenson
5.0% ABV24 IBUDraft
Strawberry Vanilla American Wheat
     Brewer: Jeff Conrad
5.0% ABV28 IBUDraft
Unpredictable Ale Specialty Light Strong
     Brewer: Terry Duke
6.7% ABV20 IBUBottle
Vegas by Morning Imperial American Pale Ale
     Brewer: Terry Duke
8.8% ABV60 IBUBottle